Tax clearance certificate

Tax Clearance Certificate is issued to tax compliant taxpayers with a good record of meeting their tax obligations. Section 174 of the Income Tax Act 2000 (as amended) empowered the Commissioner General or such person authorized by the commissioner general to issue Tax Clearance Certificate upon satisfactory evidence that the applicant has discharged all taxes to NRA.

Tax Clearance Certificate is normally requested in most business transactions by individuals, companies or institutions for many reasons including bid for public contracts and demand for bank credit. The issuance of the clearance certificate is processed within 72 hours from the date of the application in order to give the Authority ample time to verify information given by taxpayers.

General Guideline for the issuance of tax Clearance Certificates (TCC)

  1. Application should be in writing using the official letter head of the department and should be addressed to the Commissioner, DTD or the Head of the respective tax District /Region
  2. The application should be accompanied by evidences of payment of all taxes.
  3. NRA will obtain information regarding the up to date tax position, details of all taxes including PAYE, Rent, Payroll, GST, submission of returns etc
  4. After vetting and reviewing all evidences submitted, recommendations will be made and or additional information or evidence(s) will be required.
  5. Upon receipt, taxpayers must duly sign for their Tax Clearance Certificate upon receipt.