Integrity will prevail in every decision making process at the NRA with a view to provide an accountable, transparent and fair service to our stakeholders.
•    We will not solicit any gift, benefit or any offer of hospitality
•    We will act within the parameters of the law and the principles of the NRA codes of conduct and terms and conditions of service
•    We will not disclose NRA or Stakeholder information, unless the disclosure is required by law.
•    We will ensure the protection of employees, stakeholders and the public who report malpractices and unethical behaviours of staff
•    We will ensure good governance in the management of the organization
•    We are resolute to condemn and take appropriate action against any legal or criminal act or act in violation of our revenue laws, rules and policies
•    We will in our day-to-day dealings with stakeholders, act within our area of responsibility and competence and as far as possible ensure that our stakeholders and their representatives receive the correct information
•    We will be fair and impartial in the assessment of tax/duties and not let any conflict of interest compromise the professional discharge of our duties
•    We will ensure that you will always find us adopting the highest standards of integrity in all our operations and delivery of services to our clients and stakeholders

Integrity must be at the Forefront of your relationship with the NRA
•    You shall not falsify your tax returns or customs declarations or give false and misleading information or data or withholding information with a view to misleading the NRA
•    You shall comply with the laws and regulations of the NRA and work within its legal framework
•    You shall ensure that you shall never misuse your authority or position or status for your personal gain and interest or the interest of those connected to you when dealing with the NRA
•    You shall disclose to the NRA any conflict of interest or situation that may affect impartiality in decision making by the NRA
•    You shall report to the NRA any situation where you have been influenced or attempted to be influenced for a bribe with a view to obtain a favour or benefit of obligations
•    You shall provide all information as and when required in order to enable the NRA to give you the highest standards of service
•    You shall always adopt the culture of utmost integrity during your dealing with the NRA
•    You shall always assist the NRA with information necessary to investigate any corrupt practice.