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Domestic Tax Forms

PAYE Return form

SME Income Tax Return form

Domestic Tax Forms

DTD Branch Form

Payrol Tax Interview Individual 10.02

Tax Clearance Certificate Guidelinesv1

DTIS Verification Form Business 31-08-2013

DTIS Verification Form Sole Traders

DTIS Taxpayer Additional Information Form as at 20-1-2013

Capital Gain Tax Edited

Income Tax Return IT 2

Income Tax Return IT 1

Revenue Estimate Original Doc

Withholding Printed Version

Withholding Tax 10

Withholding Tax Rental

Individual-Personal Residential Premises Rent Information Form

Self Declaration of Rental Income Information Form

Business Rent Information Form

GST Supplementary Branch Form

Application for Cancellation of GST Registration Questionnaire 17.10

Application Form GST 01 as at 31.12.2013

GST Supplementary Branch Form

GST Branch Form

GST Change of Details

GST Return


Customer Service Charter

Customs HS Tariff

The Supply of Material Shirts and Accessories for Uniforms

Customs and Excise Forms

Declaration Rejection Form-1

Single Customs Declaration Form for Import (Front and Back Views)

Customs Valuation Form

Declaration Rejection Form-1

Single Customs Declaration (SCD) Form

Single Customs Declaration Form for Import (Front and Back Views)

Ingate rejection slip

Customs Valuation Form

Application for ASYCUDA Remote Connection

SCD Query Form

Brokers application form

License Slip

C – 59

C - 27

C -11

Application form for C&F Examination

Business Registration Forms

Business Registration forms

Combine Application for sole Propretorship revised 2

Combine Application for partnership revised

Combine Application for Incorporation Reg. Company revised

TIN For Individuals and Sole Trader 12.02.2010

TIN for companies and organisations 15.02.2010

Domestic business brief

Domestic Taxes Business Brief

Downloadable Forms

Domestic Taxes Business Brief : Tax Guide for Newly Registered Businesses

Customs and Excise forms