Disability Aid Sierra Leone Lauds NRA

On behalf of Disability Aid Sierra Leone (DASL), I write to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to the Board, Management and General Staff of the National Revenue Authority for your philanthropist’s gestures to persons with disabilities through the provision of food items and learning materials in this crisis period of the country.

My organization would like to express a special thanks and appreciation to you for the food items and learning materials your office made available to Amputee Disables and War Wounded at Grafton Village. It was a timely gesture to us and the beneficiaries, as it lefts a mark print in our hearts of your love and concern for Persons with Disabilities and the development of the country. The items were well distributed to the beneficiaries and appreciated.

Nonetheless, my organization has a constituent groups of Polios who are in dare needs of this great help from you and your office at this crucial time in the country. I want to solicit your increase support in the fight of hunger and Ebola to persons with disabilities and the nation as a whole.

Thanks for your love and care.

Santigie B. Sesay (Mr)

Executive Director