NRA Joins Fight to raise Ebola Awareness among Disabled Population

The National Revenue Authority (NRA) and Disability Aid Sierra Leone, an umbrella organisation of 22 disable person’s organizations, have joined forces to raise awareness among persons with disabilities about the Ebola virus and ways to implement preventative measures.

While donating assorted food items on 31st December 2014, the Commissioner-General said lack of food is among key environmental factors that influence the spread of Ebola among vulnerable groups like the disabled population.

Madam Haja Kallah-Kamara said donating the food items will help curtail the movement of disable persons, a large percentage of whom are unemployed and have to beg for food. The Commissioner-General said to be successful however; there is need for the campaign to be extended to caregivers of persons with disabilities. ‘People who care for people with disability are equally important in this fight. As such, we will organize an Ebola Awareness Programme targeting them’ Madam Kallah-Kamara declared.

The Commissioner-General made clear that individuals with disability are fully functional citizens of the country and not simply recipients of charity. She encouraged them to have a positive attitude to life and strive to be partners in national development. She stated that the NRA has an inclusive employment policy disclosing that it has employed people with disabilities. Madam Kallah-Kamara said the NRA is supporting awareness-raising efforts and providing food supplies to vulnerable groups and communities as part of the Authority’s corporate social responsibility. She emphasised that the revenue collected by the Authority aids government’s fight against the Ebola virus and pays salaries.

The Director of Disability Aid Sierra Leone thanked the Authority for its generous contributions to efforts to help combat the spread of Ebola among the disabled population and appeals for more support. He said the Authority has in recent weeks held awareness-raising meetings and provided food supplies to the war wounded and amputees at Grafton village as well as the blind and polio.